FIRE Meetup 30-9-2018, The Zwolle Edition

After 42 blogposts in Dutch, I finally decided to post one blog in English. I’m not going to make a habit of this, so enjoy the moment, or come back on the next blogpost 😉

In the last 2 years Mr. and Mrs. Cheesy Finance and Mr. Amber Tree Leaves organized 6 BeNe FIRE meetups, which is very appreciated by me and many other attendees. At the last meetup on June 30th Mr. Cheesy Finance told me that it takes a lot of time & energy to organise the meetups and he wants to pass the organization to other enthusiasts.  He also mentioned this in his blogpost of July 3rd. 

In the days after the Utrecht meetup I emailed and phoned Mr. CF a few times and decided to organise the next meetup. Parallel to this event, both bloggers Spekvet and Divnomics decided to setup a Slack group which is called FIRE NL. On the Slack thread #meetup we discussed the next meetup and I planned one on Sunday, September 30th in the northern Dutch town of Zwolle, which is approximately 50 minutes (by car) north of Utrecht.

I’m very sorry for our Southern Dutch and Belgian attendees of the past 6 meetings, but there were requests from the Northern FIRE adepts. Next one we try to organise much more southern again, or take the initiative yourself. Nobody is the “owner” of a FIRE meetup.

Back to the Zwolle edition again. This edition will be a “light edition” no entrance fees or presentations. Just a nice bar or pub, drinks (and bytes?) For the newbies among us: The discussions among like minded people are very inspiring. Inside tips and tricks will be shared. For hardcore attendees like me the essential to attend.

When you don’t feel comfortable to converse or discuss in English, you defenately not obliged to. Besides German, Spanish, Romanian and British attendees approximentely 70% of the attendees is Flemish or Dutch. I expect this edition even a higher percentage.

So if you are curious or just like to discuss with like minded people, please join the Zwolle edition. The time will be from 15 to 19 PM on Sunday, September 30th. Location to be decided and announced. (Tips for nice pub or bar will be appreciated.) Multiple Dutch bloggers and non-bloggers already confirmed there presence.

For the privacy of the attendants: Photographing or shooting videos will not be appreciated during the meeting and we know each other only by first name or nick name.

Please let me know when you will attend the meetup. You can let me know on the Slack group thread #meetup (link will be closed end of July) or send an email to “Chris at thepursuitofhot dot blog”

Update: July 28th. 

On the moment we have 45 attendees. To keep the number of attendees a little bit in control. I stopped inviting people, and put new requests on the reserve list.  

14 gedachten over “FIRE Meetup 30-9-2018, The Zwolle Edition

  1. Ha… leuk! Dat is op fietsafstand van onze nieuwe woning en mijn nieuwe werkplek. Het staat al zo lang om de planning om een keer te gaan, nu staat hij genoteerd! Dit keer even niet zwanger of net bevallen 😉

  2. Leuk idee.

    Ik wil er graag bij zijn
    Kom uit regio Bodegraven


    • Goedenavond Willem,

      Goed dat je erbij bent!
      Ik heb je email adres genoteerd en zal je een paar dagen van te voren benaderen met de locatie

  3. Bijna om de hoek vanuit oost Drenthe.. Graag op de reservelijst 🙂

    • Goedemorgen Arie,

      Geen probleem. Je staat op de reservelijst.

      • Dank je Chris, loop beetje achter met blogs lezen, anders was mijn reactie eerder gekomen. Fingers crossed dus dat er een plekje vrij komt.. 🙂

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